Roberto Silver


Roberto Silver was born on 10.06.1986 in Hesse, as the son of a Mexican father and a German mother. In his childhood he lived in North Rhine-Westphalia and later grew up on a former farm in East Frisia. Finishing High School, Roberto Silver moved out into the world for the first time and did a replacement service in a social institution of German settlers in Mexico City. He then studied Spanish literature, poetry and linguistics, as well as geography at the University of Bremen (Germany) in cooperation with the Universidad de Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico). Already at the age of 5 he began to play the accordion by ear and soon presented himself on different stages of folk music. During puberty, he also learned to play the drums and basic knowledge of the piano, which would later help him to compose his own songs. During his childhood and adolescence, he gained numerous experiences as a drummer, accordionist and singer in various formats. He played several times a week as a freelance musician with friends and colleagues in bars, restaurants, markets, weddings and major events. During his studies, Roberto Silver began to write his own songs in Spanish, in which he set his experiences to music and expressed fantasies.


After finishing his studies and a brief period as a teacher at high schools, Roberto Silver moved again into the distance and so it came that he recorded his first 3 singles and his debut album in Majorca (Spain) with an established producer, who, among others, has worked with international superstars such as David Bisbal.


At the moment he is working as an independent artist on promotion to bring the media partners and the public closer to his music and to get people of different backgrounds and nationalities together. He does not hesitate to connect his private life with his public figure, as shown in the dating game shows "First Dates" (VOX, 2019) and "Take Me Out" (RTL, 2019).


The first german single "Völlig Crazy" (engl. "totally crazy") is available on all digital music platforms and will be enjoyable this summer with a first music video.


His debut album combines in romantic, profound and happy lyrics the most popular Latin rhythms, such as the "Reggaetón" in the titles "No es un adiós" ("This is not a Goodbye"), "Me presento" (" I introduce myself ") and" Cada vez "(Eng." Every time "), but also the styles" Bachata "and" Salsa "can be heard in various titles.